A Lazy Girls Favorite Makeup Products

I'm certainly no *beauty guru* or *beauty influencer*, but I do think I've perfected a nice quick and easy makeup look.

Let's take a look inside my makeup bag for my current favorite products.

My current makeup bag

My current makeup bag

My current makeup bag is this cute 'you make me :)' bag that I got as a birthday gift from my sister in law. It's just big enough to keep the essentials in (minus my bigger eyeshadow palette).


Real Techniques brushes are my go-to for applying any makeup. I use both their face brushes and eye makeup brushes. They're not cheap per say, but more affordable and can be found in most drugstores. And no, I didn't clean them for a picture. We're being real and authentic here on this blog. 


Step 1


I always start with moisturizer as I have fairly dry skin. My two current favorites are the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion and First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer. 


Step 2

Foundation (and powder)

My current favorite foundation is Tarte's Amazonian Clay full coverage foundation. It's easy to blend in and the shade I have perfectly matches my skin tone (I got matched in Sephora for it, as I was spending more than I typically would on foundation).

My go-to powder these days, as it's super affordable and I often crack powders (they just fall off counters with a mind of their own, I swear!) is the NYX HD finishing powder. 


Step 3


Technically I use the first concealer under my foundation, but it made sense to group them together here. I use the NYX HD concealer under my eyes and on any spots before I put on my foundation. Then, post foundation I pop on the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer under my eyes to brighten them up (and hide the dark circles from lack of sleep).


Step 4

Contour/highlight (ish)

I don't necessarily *contour* like a beauty guru teaches you to do, but I do use this Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer to add some color under my cheekbones. I'm pale, I think it helps? I also sometimes add a bit of highlight to my cheekbones with a sample size of Benefit's Watts Up Cream Highlighter. 


Step 5 


Most days, I don't put the effort in to putting on eyeshadow or doing much to my eyes. Either way, I always start out with my favorite MAC paint pot creme eyeshadow in the color Groundwork. It's a nice light tan/taupe that gives a bit of color to my eyes and a nice solid primer for eyeshadow if I choose to do any.

If I do opt for eyeshadow, I use my original Naked Palette. The colors I opt for are Buck (in the crease), Hustle (for a darker look, also in crease), and Virgin (inner eye highlight). I also love the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette.

To finish off my eyes before mascara, I line my waterline with black eyeliner. If I don't, my eyes tend to look really red. 


Step 6


I finish off my eyes by curling my lashes. The curler I use is a Revlon one I got at Fred Meyer a couple years back. My two go-to mascaras are Maybelline The Falsies in very black and NYX Voluptuous lush lashes mascara. I always put mascara on both top and bottom, as my lashes are naturally lighter.


Step 7

Finishing touches

I always finish off by spraying my face with Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea marine boosting mist. 

All in all, it probably takes about 20 min to get my makeup on. I chill out with my coffee and do it slowly. I could do it faster if I was in a rush (who hasn't snoozed that alarm once or twice and run late?!). 

Do you have any go-to makeup products? Are you lazy like me? How do you save time, I'd love to hear!

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