Master list: A Giant List of Mental Health Resources

If you’re struggling with your mental health, reaching out to others and finding the right resources can be an overwhelming prospect. That first step of even just searching for resources online can be terrifying. It can feel like when you do that first search, you’re admitting you have a problem. The search can make it feel more real. It can be terrifying. It can also be difficult in terms of finding the right resources.

But it shouldn’t be. That’s why I wanted to collate a bunch of resources that I think are valuable and helpful, organized all together.

Mental Health Resources

Eating Disorders




Bipolar disorder




Dual Diagnoses

Military and Military Family

Equal access to treatment

If you have any other resources

If you have any other resources that you’ve found helpful that you think I should add to this master list, please feel free to comment so that I can add them here.