Ordinary Magic is What it Means to be Human

Magic doesn't exist, at least, in the ways we wish it did. It's not something accessed frivolously when we want to wish away the uncomfortable facts of life; wish away the depression, wish away the anxiety, the awkward encounters with an ex-lover. You don't just get to tap into a well of the universe's magic to use as you like.

But yet, magic glitters around us, just out of sight in the edge of the frame. It exists so ordinarily we miss it most often. The magic of a sip of coffee on a cold morning as you awaken to read the paper. The magic of a friend, intuitively placing a hand on your shoulder to remind you they're there beside you; doing so when you were too afraid to ask as your voice would have cracked with an impression of a teen boy in puberty.

The magic of a book so moving, you find yourself with tears silently sliding down your face as you try and finish that last heart-wrenching page - the author’s version of magic woven in and out of each page, each paragraph, word, even syllable. The magic in the way, if spoken aloud, some poems resonate in your bones. The magic of the pain reverberating inside you - moving you towards action.

The magic of a sunset over the water, admired. The magic glimmer as the light hits the water - pay attention to the feeling of being mesmerized by the ordinary. The magic hues of new colors dancing on the horizon; the urgency to pay attention because the transition to night advances rapidly. The magic of colors existing only for a few precious moments for those watching, no one else.

This magic, if one is perceptive and astute enough to see, is everywhere. This wild and crazy world often seems far too disharmonious and wild -  too conflicting to be coherent, no one cohesive narrative in sight. But underneath the chaos, runs a thin line of ordinary magic - you need to look closer to see.

This ordinary magic may not answer the incessant 'why's' of the world - the answers we yearn for at the inexcusable tragedies we witness, that we bear. Those answers, you see, are actually much more individual than collective; we all make sense of the pain and cruelty of the world in our own ways. This magic threads however, each and every one us, together. We humans are the only ones able to see that glimmering light in the ordinary moments, don't let yourself lose the ability to see that.

creativityKylee schmuck